Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Illustration Friday: Water

SpookyMansion08 by pictoteeno
Here's my submission for this week's Illustration Friday topic of water.
This is from a pen & ink series of sketches called Spooky Mansion which was directly influenced by "The West Wing" by Edward Gorey. Gorey has been one of my favorite illustrator/authors ever since I saw his original opening for Masterpiece Theater on PBS. I was always particularly drawn to his images which always seemed to capture the moment right before or right after a dreadful occurrence.


  1. Very mysterious and nicely done! I'm a fan of Edward Gorey as well and remember watching the opening for Masterpiece Theater. I love your post below ("Astrology Witch") also! :)

    1. Hi Sarah - welcome to the blog and thanks for your kind comments!

  2. Oohh. I like this a lot. Thats awesome you keep up with the Illustration Friday topics - I want to start doing that too - Ill keep an eye out for your work on that.